Q&A Tuesday with Jo #11 – eBay Top Rated DSR Scores and Your Sales

I mentioned in my last Q&A Tuesday with Jo #10 How Can I Increase My eBay Sales on my YouTube video that aside from strategies on your store or focusing on increasing your profit margin, the most important and often overlooked thing that needs to be monitored daily is your DSR Score.

I got a lot of questions about this afterwards asking me to provide details and step by step on how to do that, so today’s Q&A will cover just that.

If you took David Vu’s eBay course, you would have noticed that he dedicated an entire Section to the business and customer side of things, which I fully believe that is what the majority of drop shipping business owners completely neglect. So I strongly encourage you to retake that section from David Vu’s course, because it goes in much detail about the importance of Customer Service.  Here is the link to the course and PLEASE go over each lesson:

The 5th Pillar to Success – Customer Service

I have been mentioning many times that taking care of the customers should be a priority, but customer service has many faces, which don’t only include how you respond to your customers. Having a positive relationship with eBay, PayPal and your sources is essential for your business’ growth. The DSR (Detailed Seller Ratings) scores are used by eBay to evaluate the transaction between yourself, as the seller and the buyer that chose to purchase from your store. Check David Vu’s Section 7 Lesson 46 that goes in great detail about its specifics.

Your DSR scores are calculated on things such as: the item description, customer communication, shipping time and so on… you can find out more details about this here: Detailed Seller Ratings

Your goal is to get to Top Rated seller and in order to do that, you make sure to monitor this score closely. Your Seller Hub gives you a very accurate picture of your business, but the DSR scores are missed, because they are located at the bottom left of your page.

If you keep your scores high and become Top Rated seller, eBay will continue to give you selling increases, give your listings a better score which will help them rank higher in the search engine, it will put a seal on your listings showing you are a Top Rated Seller, which will increase your business 30% overnight. Being Top Rated also offers you discount on fees, which will become your profit.

Scroll down the page and locate your Seller level (Region: US), once you do, click on it, it should take you to your Seller Standards.

This is the true reality and facts of your business and nothing else is more accurate than the information you are currently starring at.

Ask yourself: are you answering your customer’s questions, are you shipping on time, do you upload the tracking #, do you close all the open customer cases, are your customers happy with their shopping experience with your store? The one you should particularly pay attention to is Tracking Uploaded on time and validated.

This should be at 90% and above to be considered Top Rated Seller and keep in mind that as of MAY 2017, the Top Rated Seller status is 95%.

Click on the arrow pointing down and if you want to get a full report on your tracking, you can click on the link called: Get full report To see what items are not being uploaded on time, you can check that in this report. If you feel some of the items you have uploaded the tracking # on time and you have a way to show that, you can contact eBay and let them know and they will investigate and remove that late tracking if it was proven there was an error. I have been able to remove over 10 incorrect scans from the last 3 months, so if you give your due diligence, you can correct at least 1-2% of your score.

Some heavy items or special brand items are shipped with carriers that are not found in eBay’s system. When you enter a tracking # with an unknown shipping carrier, you will get a message like this:

eBay shipping carrier

These tracking #s actually count against you, because the system will think that you never uploaded a tracking #, which will bring your % down. In that case, you have to change the shipping policies for that specific item to the freight and you can do that by revising the item. Scroll down to your Shipping Policy and click Create:

Shipping Policy Create

Choose a name for your policy, should be something like Freight Shipping or however you want to name it, then select from the drop down menu select Freight: large items over 150 pounds and then also select the appropriate handing time. I found that heavier items take a little longer to ship, so I personally use 5-business days. Your policy should look something like this:

Sample of freight shipping policy

Save your policy, apply it to your listing and save the listing. This will take care of all the unknown carriers that may potentially affect your %.

I hope I was able to answer your questions, please let me know in the comments below what the % of your store is. Maximizing your profits is great, but if you want your business to truly be successful, understand the importance of the DSR metrics. Make a promise to focus what’s really important about your business for the next 3 months and get back to me with the results, I promise you will see improvements.

As always, happy selling! 🙂




  1. Jonathan Lien May 3, 2017 at 12:35 am

    This is very helpful to me. My upload tracking is 94.64%. I need to pay attention to my tracking more. Lately I have been checking my awaiting shipment orders every night to ensure that they should have tracking # by the 3rd day.

    • Joanne Bhaloo May 7, 2017 at 12:33 pm

      And I post my tracking #s within 24 hours and I am still in the hole. Yeah, keep an eye out for it, super important. 🙂

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