May 2017 Income Report

Dropshipping allows you not only to build a business, but it gives you an opportunity to build a remarkable lifestyle.

I am pretty sure I have taken this course at least 20 times. Everytime the roots of doubt start creeping, I refer back to David Vu’s course to realign to my goals. Thank you David, I had no idea that second year was going to be harder than the first. 🙂




It was about 6pm in the afternoon… the second day after I started listing in my eBay store. I was desperate to make money and be able to pay the rent and bill on my own.
I was on my own with a kid, in a country where I could not actually get a job, because I was on a tourist visa.

It was a very scary thought and learning to build an online business was the only option.

I was listing while watching the sunset and told myself: I need to get a sale within the next hour, because if I don’t, I need to figure out my money situation real quick.
My son was sitting in the high chair, playing with mini dinosaur figurines. He was busy building a world for his animals, I was busy trying to find a way to pay for dinner.

I hear my phone vibrate and I looked over and saw I sold a mirror. It was a makeup mirror from Bed Bath and Beyond and the feeling of getting your first sale.

I made enough to pay rent that month, but I was going to go further into debt, so I had to work double as hard the following month. I had no choice.

It’s been 1 year and 6 months since I started my drop shipping journey and I now have enough to take care of my son. Enough to take him to see my roots in Romania.

Last month, I took my son to Romania for 13 days to meet my family. It was a trip I have been planning since last year and I owe it all to my business to have been able to make it happen. It felt surreal to take my son to the park I used to go to when I was a kid, very healing in a way. We also spent a day in London and got to see London Eye and some other tourists attractions.

Romania’s internet is superior of anything I have ever experienced and it made a big difference in my business. I rely a lot on internet and fast internet makes my job efficient. It was a very important lesson that I learnt last month. It’s not a matter of working hard, but moreso working efficient. You have to use your time efficiently, so you can focus on the important aspects of your life. Efficiency helped me focus on my business and it allowed me to make the best profit I ever made, while travelling to Europe. I have had some pretty big challenges to overcome this month as well, including having my orders flagged at BBB, delayed and most of them cancelled. It’s unfortunate that BBB does what they do, but I decided that instead of bitching about them, I would just find a new source and move on with my life. And I did. 🙂

May Goals
1. $5500 profit. In my mastermind group, I said $6000. I beat the mastermind group goal
2. 14000 items in first store 100 items in second store. We have 14400 and only 50 in the second store. We reached our limits faster than expected. I did however get two sales on my second store. Woohoo! 🙂
3. Completely disable active content on my store. Pretty much done. I am working with Crazylister on applying the change in bulk, but it is pretty much completed.

June Goals
1. I am silently aiming for 10k. I say silently, because I am going through a very emotionally volatile time right now and I don’t trust myself enough to believe I will be there. So I will be modest and say $6600.

2. 16000 listings on first store, 100 second store.
3. Pass on all store management to my store manager, I handle the orders. I need to really focus on building a trusting relationship with my sources.  It’s important that I am on eBay and PayPal’s side as well as my sources, because they are the ones that keep me in business, along with my customers.

I have enough items in my store where my team can handle it themselves, I have to focus on more high level and maximize my profit margin the best I can.

This month’s profit is very important to me, because I want to pay off my entire debt this month. I know debt doesn’t sound the most exciting, but debt weighs you down and it holds you from investing your money wisely. So eliminating debt is my #1 priority right now before doing anything else with the money. I owe it to my son.

June is a month of focus and a little bit away from the social media. I am preoccupied on bettering myself, my health, my business practices. I noticed I am less focused and motivated and I need to attend to this to figure out what’s going on.

And as always, Happy Selling! 🙂