June 2017 Income Report

18 months to calling myself an entrepreneur!

They say (who’s they anyways?) that you can achieve a permanent change (or success) if you commit yourself to 18 months to working on a project. It’s been 1.5 years since I started this journey and it’s pretty amazing to see where I have come so far.

The month of June has been the most successful month as of yet. And most challenging (funny how I get to say this every month).

This has been more challenging because the struggles have been more on a personal level. I realized that in order to grow and take it to the next level, I need to correct some of my choices and environments. I realized that without optimal mental, spiritual, physical health, things will always be mediocre.

My next 18 months will be dedicated to bettering myself. My spirit, my mental and physical health are my top priority now and I call this Project Health Optimization.

18 months ago, I wrote a letter to the universe and I asked for financial freedom, I asked to become financially independent from people, or other jobs. I wanted to teach my son to hustle and go after his dreams and the only way I could do that is to conquer this mountain myself. I started out eating chips and avocados for dinner, living off credit cards to being in a financial situation where I have an amazing team of Virtual Assistants, I have a wonderful person that takes care of my house (and my son at times), I can travel and I can help people achieve the same financial freedom I have.

I have however neglected my spirit and over the last 5-10 years, I have abused my body and mind with toxic food and people and I am incredibly happy to finally take charge of what’s most important. Me.

I wrote a second letter to the universe, asking for spiritual guidance, for optimal mental/physical health and for emotional freedom from all the traumas I have experienced all my life. I have been through a lot and I have kept my personal life private, simply because I was ashamed of my experiences. I was ashamed of abuse.

I feel very different about it today. I am proud to have gone through everything that I have gone through and I have the courage to face the truth, conquer my fears and stand strong with my decisions. I am very excited for what the next 18 months have to offer and I can’t help but feel hope for the future.

Onto my drop shipping journey.

The month of June was very busy, I have listed a lot in both of my stores, but I have also cleaned up a lot of discontinued items, readjusted my prices and tried different strategies, both with my store items and strengthening my relationship with my sources.

This is June Income Report

June Goals

  1. $6.600 in profit. My profit was $8,071.28 after paying expenses. 🙂
  2. 16000 items in my first store, 100 in second store. I currently have 16579 and 229 items in second store
  3. Pass on all store management to my senior store manager, all I place is orders. I am very busy with customer service and with the orders and best offers, I am happy I have great help to handle the rest of the store tasks


July Goals

  1. $8000 profit
  2. 17000 items in my first store 350 in second store
  3. Setup the email account for the second store, so it is sorted and clean as the first store. I am starting to get decent sales in my second store, so the inbox is a little messy