Health Optimization Journey

Part of this beautiful journey is the health and wellness in my life and my loved ones. Ever since my mother passed away from cancer, my quest has been to learn about the connection between mind-body-spirit and I never really embraced it as a journey until recently, when I realized how important is it to maintain and improve our emotions, our physical/mental state and our nutrition. I have been very conscious for a while, but there was always the element of judgement that was always holding me back. I did it to have an image of health, without considering the emotional aspect of health, so it eventually affected the choices I make in life, in all aspects of life.

Maybe before it was less challenging to get motivated to eat, live and be healthy but lately excuses have taken place, so it became very clear to me that I needed support. I reached out to Grace Van Berkum. I have been watching her journey unfold and there isn’t anyone I trust to put me back on the path I want to be – health and wellness speaking – than her.

Today is Day 1 of my 6-week transformation.

My typical breakfast includes: espresso, croissant and cookies and it wasn’t always this bad, but I realized beating myself up or learning to walk again without crutches isn’t going to put me in the best position to achieve my health and wellness goals.

My goals for the first week are:

  1. Replace my breakfast with a power smoothie made with my awesome Vitamix Blender
  2. Reintroduce the fitness routine back into my life
  3. Decrease and/or eliminate the espressos and increase the water content

Here is to the journey of optimization! 🙂