December 2016 Income Report

December marks 12 months since I started my dropshipping business and if anyone told me I would be making roughly $5000US a month with my dropshipping eBay store, I would have told them they are nuts.

Running a dropshipping store during the holiday shopping rush can be quite challenging to juggle the growth, sales, customer service and all the challenges that come with it. On top of that, I decided to scale the business even more, so I hired two new amazing Virtual Assistants to join our team.  I added another layer of complexity to the already chaotic holiday shopping period, but the adversities is what I think helped me succeed so far.

Even with such tough month, with over 95 cancelled orders and a lot of order issues, I managed to keep my feedback at 100% and still made over 30k in sales.

My customers were very stressed and demanding of their items, many packages got lost and many customers reached out for refund for the delay in shipment.

My December goals:

December goals:
1. 7600 items and $4000 profit. Our goal was to reach 7600 listings by end of year, but we decided to push really hard and ended up with 8050 listings on Dec 31st. I LOVE my team! I now have formed an actual company, I will not divulge the exact profit number amounts anymore, in order to respect the privacy of my VA’s earnings (which are tied to my profit), but as my PayPal graph shows, I have made over 30k in sales, and definitely have met my profit goal

2. Fully train the second VA. I hired two additional VAs, which brings the team to a total of 3. A step back in profit, because a big part of it was reinvested back in the business. The first person I hired is my right hand woman, I trust her so much, she has played a big part in helping me grow this store. Her loyalty is uncanny and that motivates me to make this happen for her too. And for all of us in our team. Her and I are super close and we are incredibly excited for the new projects we will take on in the new year.
3. Successfully help my first coaching client. I am working with several dropshipping students from David Vu’s eBay Drop Shipping with No Inventory Guide – Work From Home and while I have not formalized anything with them, I am available to answer questions or concerns they might have regarding dropshipping.


My goals for January 2017

1. 9000 items and $3500 in profit. I predict it to be a super slow month, so if I hit $3500, I will be very grateful. Cash flow is truly the most important thing
2. Transfer ALL customer service questions (non-sale related) to my VA team, as well as create a strategy for sales to transition to my VA team in the upcoming months
3. Finalize my coaching services to help the community

Happy 2017, to a fruitful, successful and inspiring 2017!