April 2017 Income Report

The sales will fluctuate and no store will have a similar performance. What is truly important is the gradual growth of my business and how I react to adversity.  Shit will not always be as smooth as I want it to be, just because I want to cruise through life.

No matter what strategies you apply to your business, no matter how many awesome ideas you might try, no matter what anyone tries to sell you in terms of improving your sales and your profit, no matter how many awesome automation tools you bought for your store, no matter what people tell you to list, how to list, price, etc… IT ALL COMES DOWN TO ADDRESSING THE CORE ASPECTS OF YOUR BUSINESS. And if you ignore these core aspects of your business, they will absolutely affect the performance of your store.

… I wanted to say YOU, because I wrote this paragraph for myself as well and re-read it couple of times. 

Now that I got this off my chest, let’s get to the month of April. 🙂

The month started out with planning for our first ever drop shipping meetup event, which was held in Vegas. I feel truly honored that those that decided to attend chose to spend Saturday morning with us and I am very happy to have met them. It was also amazing to have hung out with my mastermind group, although I wish we were there longer.

Please go visit the event page again, we have uploaded some great photos of the event!


I also had the opportunity and privilege to enjoy a helicopter ride over Las Vegas and Grand Canyon at sunset.  This has been such an incredible and memorable adventure, I felt very blessed to have experienced that. Besides working hard, it’s important to take the time to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Check out some of the FB Photos I posted from it!


The trip truly motivated me to continue working hard, to keep my focus, but also stay true to myself and to my needs.

There are two types of people that want to build a business online: those that want to make money, and those that want to build a business. Like in any type of range, extremes are never good. You can’t only be in it for profit, just how you wouldn’t only do it as an exercise of building a business without any monetary value.  This isn’t Monopoly.

I don’t like to play the price game or chase the profits entirely, although I use that as a measure of my business’ growth. I like to focus on customer service, because it comes more naturally to me. I enjoy trying new ways of how to better service my customers while I build my business, and that’s the game I know how play best. It is a much-longer game, but it’s the one that’s going to bring me to my goals.

I have a great team of 3 people working and I have a much bigger responsibility than just to do it for money. I want to bring value to their growth as well and understand their needs.

See, when you live outside Canada or US or any of these amazing first class countries, the life surrounding you is a little more “real”. (by no means I think life isn’t real in Canada or US, I just couldn’t come up with a better term to describe it, so if you have a better synonym, please let me know, English is still my 3rd language hehe).

There are a lot of poor people that struggle to make ends meet and their only wish is to provide for their family. It’s truly that basic. And being a product lister/Virtual Assistant might not be a big deal to someone in US or Canada, outside is a great opportunity to earn some money to take care of the family. I want to build a business where I can offer these job opportunities and hope to make a tiny difference in their quality of life. And while that might sound like Mother Teresa shit, I never said I won’t be having a blast on this adventure either! 🙂

What happened in April

  1. I wanted to make 6 grand, I made $5600 after expenses,
  2. I wanted to reach 13000 listings, I did
  3. I went from 84% to 87% in DSR tracking score.

This DSR score has been my obsession to bring my store to a Top Rated Seller status. It’s been a race to upload these tracking #s on time and I feel that no matter how fast I order my items, I have no control over how fast they ship. I spoke in more detail about why the DSR score is important in this blog post: Q&A Tuesday with Jo #11 – eBay Top Rated DSR Scores and Your Sales

I did hire a 3rd Virtual Assistant as I have opened a second store. There is nothing different about this store other than a different name (obviously) and maybe specializing on things I know more about. I opened a second store because I reached 13000 items and I started to pay for each listing, the Achore Store only covers 10000 free inserts. I want to save some money, so here is my second store coming. 🙂

Goals for May

  1. $5500 profit. In my mastermind group, I said $6000, but realistically with a 3rd member on our team and me being in Romania, a more realistic number would be $5500.
  2. 14000 items in first store 100 items in second store. I am taking it easy with the second store because I have low limits. I am in no rush anyways. 🙂
  3. Completely disable active content on my store. Really important thing that needs to be taken care of before June. Active Content is really important if you want peeps to see your shit on their phones, so get that taken care of ASAP

I am going to be in Romania for 2 weeks, and it’s a little surreal to talk about it now, so I am just going to allow this adventure to unfold as it should.

Onto month of May – Happy Selling! 🙂

PS: How did you find the month of April in terms of sales? How is your DSR score? Let me know below, I would love to hear where you are at in your business now. 🙂