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The most important people in my life

Family first, then hustle

My name is Joanne, mother, traveller, and entrepreneur and I created this blog to document my journey into entrepreneurship, motherhood, traveling, health and wellness.  Along the way, I want to share my experience, products and services I use along the way that have helped me grow and succeed.

I want to inspire those that want to break the pattern into their monotone life and want to embark in the journey of becoming a digital nomad while running and building successful and ethical online businesses.

I make a living from running a dropshipping service on eBay and I feel I am the luckiest woman in the universe to have the privilege to do so, while meeting some incredible people along the way that have helped shape my path to where I am today.

I didn’t always feel this lucky.

I was born and raised in Romania, during the communist era. I had a very simple childhood, helping my grandparents run a farm and help my grandmother cook and feed the incredibly hard-working farmers. We lived in a clusterfuck of communist-built ugly apartment buildings, that to this day, still have the gun holes from the revolution in 1989.

Braila buildings

I have lived and experienced war, famine, violence, struggle and poverty, yet none of that stands out more traumatic than immigrating with my family to Canada in 1996.

As an immigrant, it was very challenging to adapt, learn a new language and tried to change to fit in a society that was completely different than where I grew up in. My mother passed away from cancer at the early age of 44 and I was left with a lot of uncertainly, confusion, anger and sadness, but I was also very grateful she sacrificed her life for my sister and I to have an opportunity at life, which motivated me to hustle my way through and never give up.

I had a number of jobs in the corporate world in the IT field, ranging from IT recruiter and manager, to Network Administrator, middleware consultant and everything in between. I loved the jobs, but I absolutely fucking hated the corporate environment and I wanted nothing more than to one day run my own business in the computer field.

After having the most incredible homebirth with my son (check out the amazing homebirth story here), the whole experience transformed me and it made me realize that I have the responsibility of leaving a legacy for my son and to offer him the adventure of a lifetime. There is no better education than traveling, so I decided to leave the upscale downtown Toronto apartment, my car and all material things that were weighing me down, and move to Playa del Carmen Mexico. I had no job, no savings, never ran my own business other than a real estate stint in 2008 where I ended up being sued for unpaid fees for technical training. (The irony is strong in this one, I know).

I had a desire to succeed and a deep understanding that the internet is going to provide me the knowledge, experience, cash flow and resources to build and run successful online businesses.

So just like that, in August of 2014, I bought a one-way ticket to Mexico for my son and I and started a new life here.

sand walking

I knew there has to be a way to be able to do that in the most ethical, honest and loving way possible and hustling my friends and family to support me in buying products I didn’t believe in to begin with wasn’t the business model I wanted to run. So November 2015, I gave myself 1 year to make something happen, otherwise I was going to go back to Toronto and get a job.

The thought of working for “the man” again suffocated me. I never enjoyed playing by someone else’s rules and I hated the cold weather. I hate winter with a passion; maybe because it reminded me of my childhood and how we never had heat during winter and we all had to use bottles filled with hot water to keep ourselves warm during the night.  That feeling pushed me to keep researching, learning and failing… until December 30th, when I found a course in Udemy called:

eBay Drop Shipping with No Inventory Guide – Work From Home

I have always had an eBay account and I understood the basics of online shopping, as I have sold a bunch of crap on that platform before. I knew that if I did this right, it will teach me the fundamentals on making money, creating cash flow and allowing me to take care of my son while traveling. I had no idea it was going to open a lot more doors and opportunities for me, so I can truly say that this course is what changed my life.

I made my first sale 24-hours after listing my first 20 items in the store and it was the beginning of such an incredible journey, a journey I am honoured to document along the way.

Check out my eBay dropshipping monthly income report here.

This business opportunity has offered me the privilege to live in my dream town, to be location independent and travel.

It allowed me to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, form friendships and business partnerships and it allowed me to visit California and meet my mentor and the person that created this wonderful course that didn’t only teach me how to do drop shipping, but it helped me re-define the way to provide a service to eBay consumers by putting their needs first.

David and I

I wanted to thank you for stopping by and joining me along the way while I work hard to build my business and my brand, raising my son, staying “young” and in optimal shape, falling in love with my husband all over again, and grinding hard to build a legacy of wealth, health and happiness.